STUD at BUZZCUT weekender at Forest Fringe

Currently in Brighton on a residency at the Marlborough Theatre hosted by the delightful Pink Fringe. Among other things, I’m using the time to develop and rehearse my new solo show, STUD, which I’ll be sharing again in Edinburgh at the end of Forest Fringe. It’s a privilege to be part of a really strong programme at Forest Fringe who have supported my work from way back.

It’s also great to be curated as part of the BUZZCUT weekender which will showcase a group of wonderful artists (and lovely people) who showed early versions of their work at BUZZCUT’s Glasgow festival in April and then went on a residency together in the Highlands. This was supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and facilitated by Richard Layzell.

Tickets are pay what you can and are going fast – you can book them here:

If it says they’re sold out, there’s a fair chance you’ll still be able to get in if you come along, and at any rate you should definitely check out the rest of the programme at Forest Fringe because it will all be excellent –

Published by Ivor MacAskill

I am a live artist and theatre maker based in Glasgow. I am a artistic director of Fish & Game and one half of Cade & MacAskill and The Polar Bears.

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