Under Construction

Currently I’m working on a new site for all things MacAskill, but it’s taking time! Here’s an update while we wait…

  This summer I’m in residence at the delightful and bijou Marlborough Theatre in Brighton being supported by those darlings of the queer perfoance scene, Pink Fringe. I’m working on Gendersaurus Rex and collaborating with Emma Frankland and Rosana Cade on separate projects.

What is Gendersaurus Rex? A research project looking at gender, sexuality, queerness and difference in children’s performance. I’m supported by Imaginate and am blogging about it at gendersaurusrex.wordpress.com

What am I doing with Ms Cade? Well, we’re exploring ways to create small cabaret performances as a duo. This Friday 10th July we’ll be at Hi-Brow hosted by the wonderful Figs In Wigs presenting something new for their beach party theme. Then next week we’ll be at Latitude with Forest Fringe as Double Pussy Clit F*** – our riot grrrl band for one audience member at a time.

On Thursday night at Latitude I’ll be performing STUD as part of Steakhouse Live’s line- up in the live art tent. You can also catch STUD on the last weekend of Forest Fringe in Edinburgh as part of BUZZCUT’s takeover.

So it’s all go, which I think is a perfect reason for having neglected my web presence, but watch this space….

Published by Ivor MacAskill

I am a live artist and theatre maker based in Glasgow. I am a artistic director of Fish & Game and one half of Cade & MacAskill and The Polar Bears.

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