In my guise as the Gendersaurus Rex, I’m very proud and excited to announce the artist call out for Imaginate’s Gender and Sexual Identity Lab as part of the Creative Europe-funded PUSH project. PUSH is a 2-year artist development project funded by Creative Europe, led by Imaginate alongside Krokus Festival (Belgium), The Ark (Ireland), Aabendans(Denmark)and Scenekunstbruket (Norway).

The first Lab will take place in February 2017…

with a group of artists from the above countries and we’ll be exploring the ideas behind the Gendersaurus Rex project through the frame of our individual practices. If you’re an artist based in Scotland and are interested in being part of this Lab, the call out and further information can be found HERE on the IMAGINATE WEBSITE.

More info on the wider PUSH PROJECT.

PUSH has the following objectives:

/// To initiate new ideas for theatre and dance for young audiences – exploring topics that are currently underrepresented and require addressing, topics that can be taboo and/or experimental

/// To create positive and open spaces to pilot new ideas/experiments with audiences – we will discover how audiences (including children and young people, their families/carers and teachers) respond to the material as a basis for future production ideas

/// To offer high quality training and peer-to-peer learning for artists and practitioners based in Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Norway

/// To create a visible network of artists, peers, organisations and festivals across the EU – we will promote the participating artists within the partner organisations and ensure their connection with the network is not a one-off experience

/// To enhance the international career potential for artists through opportunities to find new collaborators and new markets for their productions

/// To build stronger and more diverse partnerships, using the PUSH opportunities to build connections in parts of the EU where our connections are not yet as strong – we will focus on this through events and networking for PUSH with the international delegations at the five partner festivals

Published by Ivor MacAskill

I am a live artist and theatre maker based in Glasgow. I am a artistic director of Fish & Game and one half of Cade & MacAskill and The Polar Bears.

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