The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears are Ivor MacAskill and Fiona Manson, with their producer, Sarah Gray. Since 2010, Little Polar Bear and Big Polar Bear have been charming and entertaining young children and their adults around the world with their fun adventures. Silent wanderers led by their sense of curiosity and their stomachs, each Polar Bear production isContinue reading “The Polar Bears”

Gendersaurus Rex

PROJECT SITE NEXT UP: Sun 2 Oct, 3-6pm, Rainbow Rave with Gendersaurus Studio for Disco Loco at Hackney Showroom Also part of AND WHAT? Festival. A Disco playground Over The Rainbow for children to express their inner spirit animals and mythical creatures through non-gender-specific fancy dress. INFO HERE Fri/Sat 21/22 Oct, Gendersaurus Salon at Live Art for Børn, Aalborg, Denmark AContinue reading “Gendersaurus Rex”