STUD: A one-horse show that bites into masculinity, Freud and DIY.

“Very funny and very naughty” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

12022556_10153149719613354_1330156196854898474_oTell, me about it, Stud. Well, Dr Freud tells me I’m missing something and I think he’s right. He tells me that until I get over it and turn my desire for that missing thing into a desire for a baby I’m gonna be in deep shit. He also tells me he doesn’t really get chicks…

In STUD, Eilidh MacAskill dons her chaps and asks if size really does matter. As she explores her own female masculinity with some help from Dr. Freud himself alongside a patriarchal DIY expert, a macho cowboy and the famous talking horse Mister Ed, Eilidh ponders if she has Penis Envy or of it’s all a load of bollocks.

A stripped back show for anyone who likes their psychoanalysis heteronormative and their cowboys in the buff.

A fully-frontal assault…hilarious and whimsical…cogent and provocative”    ****  Mary Brennan, The Herald

“MacAskill’s performance is full of kinks as she offers a challenge to misogyny”  Amelia Forsbrook, Exeunt

“Wonderful edgy gender fun” Kate Bornstein, Gender Outlaw

Originally performed at BUZZCUT Festival on 20th April 2015. Developed at the BUZZCUT Residency, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Previously performed at: Steakhouse Live Festival at RichMix, London in April; Live Collision festival at Project Arts Centre, Dublin in May; Steakhouse Live at Latitude Festival in July; Forest Fringe, Edinburgh in August; Calm Down, Dear at Camden People’s Theatre, London in October. Queer Contact, Manchester, Feb 2016. Part of Pink Fringe at Brighton Fringe, May 2016.

Created and performed by Eilidh MacAskill. With big thanks to Rosana Cade, Nick Anderson and all the Buzzcut Weekenders, Richard Layzell, The MACASKILLs, Dickie Beau and The House of Strange Loops, Stacey Makishi, and Get In The Back Of The Van for their help and inspiration.

“A DIY horse whispering of gender identity…incredibly likeable and enjoyable…a genuinely thought-provoking meditation on the connections between Freud, boy genitalia, girl genitalia, gender and childhood identification with horses.”   Lewis Church, Exeunt

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Here Eilidh describes more about making STUD:  STUD is a humorous performance of masculinity by a woman, framed by information about horses and Freud’s theories around the penis. Last year I took part in a workshop led by the wonderful ‘drag fabulist’, Dickie Beau, in which we explored the idea of a drag family and I became a patriarchal leather-chaps-wearing cowboy with an enormous moustache and my pubic hair on show. The persona was a way of exploring my relationship to the men in my family who, even though they are not particularly sexist, tend to dominate the family with the way they talk and act and are treated. Although I don’t really think those power structures should exist, I was also jealous of their privileged position which encourages many men to take up space and talk non-stop.

The piece is also informed by Freud’s theory of penis envy and J Jack Halberstam’s book, Female Masculinity. I’ve always been aware of the stereotype lesbians as wannabe men, where any masculinity is seen as an imitation of maleness and an unfeminine desire for a penis. While I obviously disagree with this view, I can’t deny a certain envy for male privilege in society and occasional desire for an alternative anatomy in the bedroom… This piece is a humorously playful exploration of these contradictions.
Buzzcut 2015
Buzzcut 2015 – Photos by Julia Bauer


STUD @ Steakhouse Live by Greg Goodale