As part of Reader Performance Group 2001-2005

Can’t you hear me?  It’s dark in here.  Where have you gone anyway? Weathering the storms of human relations : a symposium 2005

Strangers and Intimacy 2004-05


Songs from the Burning Bed : Song Minus One – Cock of the Walk 2004

Songs from the Burning Bed : Selected Songs 2004

Songs from the Burning Bed : Song One – FIREMASTER 2004

Warm Welcome Cold Climate 2003

Base Camp II 2003

Dumb Bunny 2003

Base Camp 2003

A meeting to decide the nature of a new planet and it’s contents 2003

Special Relationship 2002

your hand on my skin and the Earth’s still turning 2002

Mr Pig says ‘Outwith the old’ 2002

So Long 2001

Divercity, 2000

Published by Ivor MacAskill

I am a live artist and theatre maker based in Glasgow. I am a artistic director of Fish & Game and one half of Cade & MacAskill and The Polar Bears.