Children’s Projects


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I create a range of live works for different contexts and audiences. Over the past few years a strong component of my work has been for children and all-ages audiences. The methods and approaches I employ to make the work is similar regardless of age, but I enjoy the challenge of responding to the specific demands of younger audiences.

I’m committed to creating new and experimental work for both adults and children and exploring how both areas of my practice can influence and contaminate each other. This is partly due to my own personal interests – I’m fascinated by both audiences and ways of communicating with all kinds of people – and also I see it as a political approach; a way to bridge the perceived gap between children and adults and play with notions of meaning, experience and appropriateness.

You can find more about the children’s projects I’ve made as part of Fish And Game Fish And Game Children’s work

And more about my research project with Imaginate, Gendersaurus Rex HERE